• Marketing tailored for the industry
    and high-tech markets

  • Grow your business with export marketing

  • Solution marketing to drive higher margins

marketing consulting for
b2b marketing strategy and execution

We help small-to-medium sized businesses drive and implement tailored tactical marketing activities and strategic marketing improvement initiatives to support business development.

With a business to business (B2B) sales process in change - with the buyer gathering much information on his own before contacting the suppliers and the trend towards offering integrated solutions - it is important to be smart about your marketing and communications activities, and to arm your sales force with effective tools.


marketing consulting for
b2b marketing strategy and execution

What we do

marketing strategy and planning

Marketing strategy and planning

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product and solution marketing

Product and solution marketing

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content marketing

Content marketing

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sales enablement

Sales enablement

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How we work

We work together with you to understand your issues and we identify how to best support your business through marketing activities. A customized approach, timeline and actions are defined. The project is led by us with close collaboration with you to advance and deliver on selected activities. You benefit from our marketing expertise through coaching and in specific deliverables relevant to your needs, such as marketing plan, content strategy, commercial documentation, value pricing framework, sales tools, marketing training, etc.


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